°1 crust of shortcrust pastry or shortbread
°750 g vanilla or plain fresh cheese (thick white cheese)
°3/4 to 1 cup sugar
°1/4 cup flour
°A few drops of lemon extract or finely chopped lemon zest
°4 eggs
°150ml full cream
+Whipped cream :
°200ml full cream
°40g icing sugar
°1 sachet of "cremfix" (fixer for whipped cream)
°A dash of vanilla extract
+Finishing :
°Fresh strawberries cut in half
°A little topping for pies or liquefied raspberry jelly (or other red fruits)


 Preheat oven 180°C. Grease a mold with a high edge, such as a springform pan or spring form pan (about 23 cm in diameter).
 Place the pastry rolled out to the dimensions of the mold in the parchment mold, cutting off the excess dough if necessary. Bake the dough blind for about 10 minutes (garnish the pie with dried beans or other to prevent it from swelling).
 Set aside on a wire rack while you prepare the fromage blanc mass.
 Beat the cream cheese with an electric or manual whisk then add the sugar, flour and lemon flavoring (or very finely chopped zest). Beat again.
Adding eggs one at a time, beat the mix after every egg addition.
 Finish by adding the cream and mix the dough again until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous mass.
Pour this mixture over the blind-baked pastry base.
 Bake the pie until it is firm to the touch (approximately 1 hour +/- depending on the oven). Time cooked, let cool totally.
 Prepare the whipped cream which will be used to garnish the cake before adding the strawberries, beating the cream then adding gradually.
When the whipped cream is well beaten, spread it over the cake using a spatula.
Then arrange the half-strawberries and finish by coating the cake, delicately using a brush, with the tart coating or with the liquefied jelly.
Reserve in the fridge for a few hours before serving.
Serve chilled (but not icy or too cold) simply plain .

Enjoy !